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With the Holy Month ahead of us, we can’t help but think about the things we are grateful for, even if it seems like the world is in a dark place right now. Which begs the following question: how will you ever find the perfect balance between stay-at-home outfits and stylish ones? The answer is as simple as doing what seems the most obvious and comfortable for your mind and heart. If you feel like you need to dress up to the nines, then do it. If on the other hand, you feel like you need to be as comfortable as one could be, then tone it down a notch, and allow yourself to cope with all the changes around you.

And so, one of the easiest garments to wear during the Holy Month is the ever-so iconic Abayas.

The great thing about abayas is that they’re as versatile as a garment can be! If you’re more of a dress or skirt type of person, then you needn’t worry. An abaya can add a perfect touch of class to your outfit by lending it a unique touch of modesty. Choose a midi skirt of your liking or a midi dress – preferably short-sleeved – and watch your look go from nay to yay in a split of a second.

An abaya is a classic and modest piece of clothing that a lot of Muslim women love wearing. In Ramadan, it becomes even more popular to wear. As you can just throw it over your regular outfits for praying in and for a more modest cover-up.

More and more modest wear brands are coming with special collections for Ramadan and Eid. There is so much to choose from the classical black plain abaya, deep rich colors to the spring and summer color palette of minks, soft green almond, and pastel blues. Edgy cuts with embellished accents and trims and ruffled details in soft flowy fabrics are all the latest trends in the abaya fashion world.

Here we have put together the latest open abaya styles that we think you will love. To buy just click on the link below each picture.

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